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Video: Whitemoney flashes dating gossips with mystery lady



Reality TV star Whitemoney has sparked speculation about dating a beautiful lady

after he was seen shopping for fruits with her at an undisclosed location.

This comes just a day after he was pictured at the BBNaija All-Star event with the same lady.

Some people have accused Whitemoney of renting the said lady,

but a video of himself and the same lady has since surfaced on social media.

In the video, Whitemoney and the lady are seen shopping for fruits.

The lady’s face is not fully revealed, and her name remains unknown.

Some people believe that the video is evidence that Whitemoney is dating the lady,

while others believe that they are just friends.

Here are some reactions from social media users:

  • @sexyweffizzy: “Queen really loved whitemoney but I think his win entered his head now his seeking for love everywhere.”
  • @DaRealSavage411: “They carried videographer to go fruit shopping with them???? and why is she doing like she’s hiding her face from the videographer??”
  • @ElsieEgbuna: “Queen loved whitemoney but he was so greedy n ignored her, even after the show he made queen look desperate n his arisers said queen was only interested in his winning price. Same whitemoney want ship in all stars cuz many people were suspecting him to be gay.”
  • @the_jerrymanuel: “Lmao. Where is the chemistry?? Lol. Even the girl feels awkward being filmed with one of her clients.”
  • @Princeebuka7: “I didn’t believe before but now i believe. Why’s she standing like that na.”
  • @babydon4me: “With this video, trying to prove a point just makes him look more guilty….
  • coz why record yourself buying banana and things to cook he should have just ignored their rant.”

It is important to note that there is no confirmation that Whitemoney is dating the lady.

The video could simply show them as friends or colleagues.

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From Tragedy to Triumph: Little Girl Celebrates Fifth Birthday with Scholarship after Losing Leg in Accident



A heartwarming story of resilience and generosity has emerged online, celebrating the remarkable journey of a young girl who defied the odds.

Despite losing a leg in a tragic accident, she received a life-changing scholarship on her fifth birthday,

allowing her to pursue her education and dreams.

Two years ago, a horrific accident claimed the lives of 20 individuals.

In the midst of this tragedy, a young girl miraculously survived, though not unscathed.

Her right leg, unfortunately, became a casualty of the event.

Despite the physical setback, the girl’s spirit remained unbroken.

She demonstrated immense resilience and determination,

facing the challenges of recovery and adapting to her new reality

On the occasion of her fifth birthday, a content creator named Nana Tea

stepped forward with a gesture of extraordinary kindness.

Recognizing the girl’s strength and potential, he offered her a scholarship to cover her educational expenses.

This generous gift opened doors for her academic future,

ensuring she wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow.

Nana Tea’s video documenting this heartwarming story has touched hearts across the internet.

The young girl’s journey of overcoming adversity has become a beacon of hope and inspiration,

reminding us of the power of human spirit and the importance of extending support to those in need.


In 2021 she survived an accident that claimed 20 lives. Unfortunately, she has lost one leg. Tomorrow is her birthday .❤️😍😍🙏 Happy birthday Angel .

♬ original sound – Nana Tea

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Khloe Slams Podcast Crew: “May We Never Be Victims of Miscommunication”



BBNaija reality star Koko by Khloe has levied accusations of being set up against the producers of the Bahd and Boujee podcast.

This follows a recent episode where her comments on various topics, including natural hair,

BBLs, and men’s financial responsibility, ignited widespread criticism and backlash.

Khloe’s appearance on the podcast hosted by Moet Abebe and

Tolanibaj sparked controversy after she expressed her opinions on several sensitive topics.

Her views on natural hair, her BBL, and the expectation for men to be the primary financial providers

in relationships received significant negative reactions from viewers.

Facing the backlash, Khloe has taken to social media to express her belief

that the podcast crew orchestrated her downfall.

She claims they deliberately framed her comments to generate controversy and attract attention at her expense.

“May We Never Be Victims of Miscommunication”:

In her statement, Khloe shared a cryptic message stating,

“May we never become victims of miscommunication.”

This ambiguous statement could be interpreted as a veiled accusation against the podcast crew,

implying that they misrepresented her words or manipulated

the interview to create a sensationalized narrative.

Khloe’s accusations highlight the power of editing and

its potential to alter the meaning and impact of an interview.

While the full context of her statements might be missing from the podcast episode,

it doesn’t absolve her entirely of responsibility for the opinions she expressed.

This incident underscores the importance of open dialogue

and responsible communication, especially in the public eye.

Engaging in thoughtful discussions and acknowledging the potential consequences

of one’s words can help mitigate misunderstandings and promote understanding.

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Because I win 120 million person charge me 120k for makeup” Ilebeya Odinaya



Ilebeya Odinaya’s recent statement about spending 120k on makeup after winning 120 million has ignited a social media debate,

exposing the complex relationship between wealth, privilege, and public perception.

Ilebeya’s decision to spend 120k on makeup, a luxury beauty product,

can be interpreted as a celebration of her newfound wealth and

an opportunity to indulge in a previously inaccessible experience.

It reflects her desire to express herself through fashion and self-care,

a privilege afforded by her newfound financial security.

However, the exorbitant amount spent on makeup has drawn criticism from some online users.

Some argue that it is irresponsible and frivolous, especially in the context of global economic disparity.

Others express concerns about materialism and the potential for wealth to distort one’s values.

Ilebeya’s situation highlights the challenges of navigating public perception in the age of social media.

While celebrating her achievements and indulging in luxury are valid choices,

they can also be misconstrued as flaunting wealth or fostering materialism.

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