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Video; Pastor invites church member to watch him in lions’ den and this happened



An unidentified pastor has invited his church members to watch him as he locks himself in a lions’ den,

proving to them the power bestowed upon him like Daniel in the bible who walked out alive from a den.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment the unidentified preacher sat with three lions.

The preacher reportedly invited his congregation to prove to them

the power bestowed upon him like Daniel in the bible who walked out alive from a den.

The said preacher teased all three lions in their den while seated comfortably,

proving to his church members that God’s power is real.

Reactions trailing pastor in lions’ den

Many social media users have reacted to the video,

expressing their concerns and disapproval of the pastor’s actions.

One user, iamblackbharbie22, said, “And you’ll wonder why most people don’t take Christianity serious.

Cuz people like this would be making it look like a joke.”

Another user, jadevineautos, wrote, “Please do not mislead your followers into tempting the Lord God ! Matthew 4:7.”

Another user, aremu_olami, opined, “Those lion don chop na why them leave am

They be like make we follow am play reach evening 😂😂😂.”

Another user, michael._u, penned, “Pastor Daniel enter this fine zoo dey touch well fed lions?

Come try am for naija wey hunger wan kee them, the lions go think say you be the miracle.😄”

Another user, pappythrill, said, “Una too use God play.

😊 Reason I always thank God that He not a man. 🚶🏾‍♂️”

In conclusion, It is important to note that the pastor’s actions are dangerous and should not be imitated.

Putting yourself in a dangerous situation and tempting God is not the way to demonstrate faith.

There are many other ways to show your faith in God,

such as through prayer, worship, and service to others.

Watch the video below …

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Video: Analyzing Pastor Femi Lazarus’s statement on phone access in marriage



Pastor Femi Lazarus’s advice to women about phone access in marriage has sparked a lively debate, garnering both support and criticism.

The video has generated various reactions, with many

expressing concerns about privacy invasion and control.

Some women pointed out the double standards inherent in the advice,

highlighting that men often have access to their wives’ private spaces without offering reciprocity.

Others questioned the need for phone access and emphasized the

importance of focusing on building trust and communication.

Pastor Lazarus’s statement sparked a vital conversation

about trust, privacy, and boundaries in marriage.

While some individuals find his advice helpful,

others express concerns about potential harm and control.

Ultimately, each couple must navigate this issue based

on their unique values, needs, and communication style.

Open and honest discussions, mutual trust,

and respect are crucial for building a healthy and fulfilling marriage,

regardless of phone access policies.

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Video: “What Kind Of God Is That?”- Nigerian Prophet Calls Out Church Members Over Inadequate Offerings



A Nigerian prophet has sparked outrage online after calling out church members for offering “inadequate” amounts of money.

In a viral video, the prophet, whose name has not been released,

can be seen passionately addressing his congregation,

expressing his disappointment with their offering habits.

“What kind of God do you serve?” he questions.

“Do you think God is satisfied with the little coins you throw into the offering basket?”

He goes on to compare the church members’ offerings to the wealth

they spend on material possessions like expensive cars and smartphones.

“You can afford to buy the latest iPhone, but you can’t afford to give God a decent offering?” he exclaims.

His words have ignited a heated debate on social media,

with some people agreeing with his sentiment and others criticizing his approach.

Those who support the prophet’s message argue that church

members should be more generous in their giving,

especially considering the financial resources they possess.

“If you truly believe in God and appreciate all that he has done for you,

then your offerings should reflect that,” one commenter wrote.

However, others believe that the prophet’s method of shaming and guilt-tripping his

congregation is counterproductive and may even drive people away from the church.

“This is not the way to encourage people to give,” another commenter stated.

“It’s important to teach people about the importance of giving,

but it should be done in a way that is positive and uplifting.”

The prophet’s actions have also raised concerns about the role of money in religious institutions.

Some people believe that churches should focus on spiritual matters

rather than emphasizing financial contributions.

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Celestial Church Leader Stops Portable, Pasuma’s Performance at Praise Night



The Shepherd-in-charge of the Celestial Church of Christ International Headquarters in Ketu, Lagos State, Olatosho Oshoffa,

has condemned the invitation extended to singers Portable and

Pasuma to perform at one of the church branch’s praise nights.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Oshoffa stated that the decision to invite the two singers

was “inconsistent with the tenets and doctrines of the Celestial Church of Christ.”

He noted that Portable and Pasuma are known for their controversial lifestyles and music,

which he said are “not in line with the teachings of the church.”

“The Celestial Church of Christ is a spiritual organization, and we cannot allow our sacred spaces

to be used for performances that are not in line with our beliefs,” Oshoffa said.

“I have spoken to the cleric in charge of the parish where the praise night is scheduled to take place,

and he has assured me that the invitation to Portable and Pasuma has been revoked.”

The decision to stop Portable and Pasuma from performing at the praise night has been met

with mixed reactions from members of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Some members have praised Oshoffa for taking a stand against what they see as “unholy” performances.

Others have criticized the decision, saying that it is an infringement on the freedom of worship.

Regardless of the reactions, it is clear that Oshoffa’s decision

has sparked a debate about the role of music in the Celestial Church of Christ.

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