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“My wife beats me up, forces me to wash plate, pant — 35 year Old Nigerian man cries for help



"My wife beats me up, forces me to wash plate, pant — Nigerian man cries for help
"My wife beats me up, forces me to wash plate, pant — Nigerian man cries for help
“My wife beats me up, forces me to wash plate, pant — Nigerian man cries for help

A 35-year-old Italy-based Nigerian man cries out for help amidst unending domestic abuse from his wife who beats him and forces him to do chores.

In an anonymous cry for help, an embattled man shared the struggle he’s facing in his marriage with a social media personality @Wizarab10 on Twitter.

According to the man, his wife sponsored his relocation from Nigeria to Italy after which he paid the bride price of his wife to her Nigerian parents.

His life, however, took a different turn following their union as husband and wife in Italy as he gets beat up and molested frequently.

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How I met my wife in Malaysia

“Just like the guy who married a single mother of two in lekki. I met my wife in Malaysia. Then she was my gf, things were so difficult for me there, she was of great help to me until I had to return to Nigeria.

“She relocated to Italy after some time and there she got pregnant for two different men…said one of the men died and other refused marrying her. While I was in Nigeria, she helped me run my papers to Italy, n I came over. She handled everything herself. I felt so loved by her.”

Genesis of domestic abuse from my wife

“She was all good and loving when I came over too until I sent my people to pay her bride price in Nigeria.

Since then, she has turned into a lion. I’m subjected to domestic violence. She beats me up a lot. The last time, I couldn’t see with my left eye for 2 weeks just because I asked a simple question concerning where she spent the night She has connections everywhere.

I can’t report to the police. I’m forced to wash her pants, I’m forced to sex her even when I’m not in the mood and I must wash her plate for a very long time until she cums. I’m tired of this whole life.

I love to do but gosh that’s not the only essence of my lyf. She doesn’t trust me one bit, always wants to go through my phone and never wants a lady, close to me. Especially young ladies.”

Finding out about my wife’s prostitution businesses

“The day I found out she is into olosho business here I was devastated. We have a girl and boy together making it 2 boys and 2 girl. I work and take care. I work and take care of all of them. But I am still a slave in my own house.

Please I need advice. How do I run away from this place with my kids. She helped me come over n I feel indebted to her. But I’m dying inside. I’m 35 years and ages 42. This is not the kind of family I dreamt of.

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. I can’t speak up, My people will laugh at me Cos I was warned.”

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Ebenebe mothers bombard Blord’s residence in gratitude for granting scholarships to their children



Billionaire businessman, Blord has garnered acclaim from women in Ebenebe, Anambra State, for his benevolence towards their children.

 report came in that Blord stormed his community to fulfill his Christmas pledge to his people.

Blord A few days ago, he made the residents in his village immensely

happy by giving them more than they could ask for as Christmas gift.

He gave out 1200 bags of rice and 4 cows to his entire village for their Christmas celebration.

For his kind act, over 500 Ebenebe mothers stormed the billionaire’s

residence to thank him for granting scholarships to their children.

The women could be seen flooding his residence in the video,

chanting and dancing along with him as he raised his hands in recognition. Captioning the video,

Blord wrote: “Man Of His People, Over 500 Ebenebe mothers

came to say thank you for all the scholarship i gave their children,

to also celebrate with me, Ebenebe IGA , we are great.”

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Olakunle Churchill cracks quietness days after identity of alleged side chic was disclosed



Businessman Olakunle Churchill broke his silence a few days after the identity of his alleged side chic was unveiled online.

Churchill has been embroiled in several scandals since his divorce from ex-wife Tonto Dikeh,

most notably his marriage to Rosy Meurer, whom Tonto claims played a role in their marriage’s demise.

The most recent revelation included a claimed relationship between Churchill and

a woman named Lisa Yaro, with claims claiming he intends to marry her.

In an apparent response to these rumors, Churchill pondered on the envy and

attempts to pull him down that he had endured over the previous seven years.

Olakunle Churchill, Businessman. He asserted his resilience as a God’s child,

emphasizing that no one can stand against him with supernatural backing.

Churchill observed that people who attempted to undermine him encountered

stagnation or a decrease in their life circumstances.

He stated: “ThrowbackThursday “Embracing the journey with gratitude 🙏 ”Almost a decade ago,

I embarked on a path fueled by a commitment to goodness, education, and positive change.

Along the way, I faced challenges orchestrated by agents of envy.

They whispered doubts, attempting to derail the journey I was destined to tread.

I invested in the education of so many and engaged in humanitarian works.

I have attended the best schools and strived relentlessly to become a better person.

Yet, the tongues of these agents never ceased to wag, weaving a tale of negativity.

They think their evil can overshadow the GRACE I carry.



These agents of envy are from the same camp since 7 years ago,

they eat and dine together as they plan the next step of destruction.

However, I stand unwavering, because I’m a child of God.

If God be for me, who dared to be against me?”.

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“Ceec purchased and gifted herself a house” Baye tribe have taken to social media to drag Ceec and her fanbase.



Netizens are expressing mixed reactions to the news that Big Brother Naija star Ceec bought herself a house.

Some people are praising her for her hard work and success, while others are criticizing her for being extravagant and wasteful.

One of the most vocal critics of Ceec is the Baye tribe.

The Baye people are an ethnic group in Nigeria who are known for their traditional values.

Meanwhile, They believe that it is wrong for a woman to buy herself a house, as this is the responsibility of the man.

Members of the Baye tribe have taken to social media to drag Ceec and her fanbase.

They have called her a “gold digger” and a “materialistic woman”.

They have also said that she is a bad example for young women.

Ceec’s fans have defended her, saying that she is a hardworking woman

who has earned the right to buy herself a house.

They have also said that she is a role model for young women who want to be successful.

The debate over Ceec’s house is a reflection of the changing values in Nigeria.

In the past, it was expected that men would provide for their families.

However, more and more women are becoming financially independent and

are able to purchase their own homes and other assets.

This is a positive development, as it shows that women are no longer dependent on men.

However, it is also leading to a clash of values between traditional and modern Nigerians.

It will be interesting to see how this debate evolves in the years to come.

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