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“My father is insisting on 50 million as my bride price” – Lady cries out for help



“My father is insisting on 50 million as my bride price” – Lady cries out for help

A 29-year-old Kenyan lady has cried out for advice over her father’s demand for a 50 million shilling bride price. The woman, who has a degree in business administration, said that her fiancé is a primary school dropout who works as a farmer. She said that she and her fiancé have tried all means to convince her father to reduce the bride price, but he has refused.

“My father is insisting on 50 million as my bride price” – Lady cries out for help

The woman is now torn between leaving her fiancé and looking for a wealthier man who can afford the bride price, or ignoring her father’s demands and secretly marrying her fiancé.

Bride price is a traditional practice in many African cultures, and it is often seen as a way for the groom to compensate the bride’s family for the loss of their daughter. However, the practice has been criticized for being discriminatory and for putting financial pressure on grooms and their families.

In the case of this Kenyan woman, her father’s demand for a 50 million shilling bride price is excessive and unreasonable. It is clear that her fiancé, who is a farmer, cannot afford to pay such a sum of money.

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The woman should not feel pressured to leave her fiancé or to marry a man she does not love simply because her father is demanding a high bride price. She should talk to her fiancé about her concerns, and they should decide together what to do. If they decide to go ahead with the marriage, they should do so without paying a bride price.

The woman’s father should also reconsider his demand for a high bride price. He should understand that his daughter’s happiness is more important than money. He should also consider the fact that his demand for a high bride price could discourage potential suitors, making it more difficult for his daughter to find a husband.

The woman’s story is a reminder of the importance of challenging harmful traditional practices, such as bride price. Bride price is a relic of the past, and it has no place in modern society.

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Video: “It was because of Davido you married Israel” – Blessing CEO blasts Sheila



Blessing CEO, the CEO of a popular Lagos-based skincare brand, has slammed Sheila, the estranged wife of Davido’s logistics manager, Israel DMW.

In a recent interview, Blessing accused Sheila of marrying Israel DMW

only because of his association with Davido.

“Sheila only married Israel because of Davido,” Blessing said.

“She didn’t love him. She was just using him to get close to Davido.”

Blessing went on to say that Sheila is a gold digger who is always looking for her next meal ticket.

“Sheila is a gold digger,” Blessing said. “She’s always looking for a man to take care of her.

She doesn’t care who he is, as long as he has money.”

Blessing’s comments come after Sheila accused Israel DMW of domestic violence.

Sheila has also claimed that Israel DMW is a fraud who has been using her and her family.

Israel DMW has denied all of Sheila’s allegations. He has said that Sheila is the one who is violent and

that she is making up stories about him in order to get money from him.

The couple is currently going through a bitter divorce, and it is unclear what will happen next.

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“May the best man win” — Reactions as little boy combats his father for kissing his mum during photoshoot



A photo of a little boy fighting his father for kissing his mum during a photoshoot has gone viral, sparking a debate online.

In the photo, the little boy can be seen grabbing his father’s arm and

trying to pull him away from his mother.

The mother looks amused by the situation, while the father is laughing.

Some people have found the photo to be funny, while others have found it to be inappropriate.

“This is so cute!” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I can’t believe this kid is trying to fight his dad!” another person wrote.

However, others have criticized the parents for allowing their son to behave in this way.

“This is not okay,” one person wrote. “This child is learning that it’s okay to be aggressive.”

“This is so inappropriate,” another person wrote. “I can’t believe the parents are just laughing it off.”

It is important to remember that every child is different,

and what might be considered appropriate for one child might not be appropriate for another.

It is also important to consider the cultural context in which the photo was taken.

In some cultures, it is considered normal for children

to be more physically affectionate with their parents than in other cultures.

Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide what is right for their child.

However, it is important to be mindful of the potential consequences of allowing a child

to behave in a way that could be seen as aggressive or inappropriate.


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“Christmas flexing don set” – Man dazes many as he shatters his piggy bank, calculates his money



A Nigerian man has gone viral on social media after he posted a video of himself breaking his piggy bank and counting his money.

The man, who has not been identified,

posted the video on TikTok with the caption: “Christmas flexing don set”.

In the video, the man can be seen carefully breaking open the piggy bank,

which is full of crumpled naira notes.

He then proceeds to count the money, and it is clear that he has saved up quite a bit.

The video has been viewed over a million times and has been met with mixed reactions from viewers.

Some people have praised the man for his discipline and saving habits,

while others have criticized him for showing off his wealth.

One person commented: “This is amazing! I wish I could save up like this.”

Another person commented: “Why is he flaunting his money like this? It’s not a good look.”

Regardless of the reactions, it is clear that the man’s video has struck a chord with people.

It is a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

It is also a reminder that money is not everything. True happiness comes from within.


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