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Marlian signee C Blvck appeals to fans to stand up for Naira Marley, netizens react



C Blvck, a signee of embattled singer Naira Marley, has appealed to his fans to stand up for their president.

Naira Marley is currently in police detention over the death of his former signee,

Mohbad, who many believe he had a hand in.

C Blvck urged Marlians to raise their voice for their president and not to be quiet,

as he believes Naira Marley is innocent.

However, his post didn’t sit well with many netizens,

who dragged him online for still supporting the singer.

Some of the comments on C Blvck’s post include:

  • “One thing they all have in common aside facial features is lack of actual common sense”
  • “Marlians wey no reach 5 for Nigeria. Na you and your village people go stand for there”
  • “Go Ikorodu go talk am”
  • “You and who is the Marlians? Come street come tell us na”
  • “Them suppose arrest this one join”
  • “It is good sef, all of you should talk so we can know all the people involved”
  • “Police should arrest this guy tho, he is a suspect. Marlian kill you there idiot”
  • “Avica Makeovers: If he is innocent like you said, let the police go their job. Which voice are you raising again”

Meanwhile, Last week, Naira Marley broke his silence on allegations of assaulting Mohbad, which he debunked.

He stated that the rumors of the label being a drug cartel are untrue as he isn’t a drug lord,

and nor does he belong to any cult or fraternity.

Furthermore, Naira Marley further stated that he is dedicated to proving his innocence and

cooperating with the authorities to clear my name with sufficient evidence.

To further prove his innocence, he promised to cooperate

with the authorities in unraveling the mystery behind his death.

Hence, Naira Marley turned himself in to the police on Tuesday night

to assist in the ongoing investigation surrounding the death of Mohbad.

The Lagos State Police Command had also confirmed

that the embattled singer has been taken into custody for interrogation and other investigation activities.

In conclusion, Naira Marley became a suspect in the death of Mohbad after a video of his aide,

Sam Larry harassing the singer on a music video shoot with Zlatan Ibile, surfaced online.

A year before his death, Mohbad had even said on an Instagram live session that Naira Marley

and his crew should be held responsible if he died untimely.

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Iyabo Ojo makes a song for Wizkid after he gifted hypeman N20M



Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has made a song for Wizkid after he gifted his hypeman, Money Gee, N20 million.

In the song, Ojo praises Wizkid for his generosity and calls him a “legend.”

Ojo’s song has gone viral, with many people praising her for her creativity and her support of Wizkid.

Here are some of the lyrics to the song:

“Wizkid, Wizkid, you be legend You be the best,

you no be pedestrian You just gift your hypeman N20 million That’s some real love, that’s some real affection”

Ojo’s song is a fitting tribute to Wizkid, who is one of the most successful musicians in Africa.

Wizkid is known for his generosity and

his commitment to giving back to his community.

In addition to gifting Money Gee N20 million,

Wizkid has also donated millions of dollars to charities and foundations.

He is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Wizkid is an inspiration to many people, and his generosity is a reminder

that we should all strive to make the world a better place.

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Wizkid gifts ‘Ta Ta Ta’ hypeman N20M for praising him in viral track



Wizkid, the Afrobeats superstar, has reportedly gifted his hypeman, Godson, also known as ‘Ta Ta Ta’ or ‘Hypeman Gee’,

a whopping N20 million for his outstanding performance in the hit track ‘Machala’.

The track, which was released in December 2022, has become an instant hit,

and Hypeman Gee’s energetic performance has been widely praised by fans.

A source close to Wizkid revealed that the singer was so impressed with Hypeman Gee’s work on ‘Machala’

that he decided to give him a generous gift as a token of appreciation.

“Wizkid is very happy with the way Hypeman Gee has been representing him,” the source said.

“He knows that Hypeman Gee is a big part of his success, and

he wanted to show him how much he appreciates his hard work.”

Hypeman Gee has expressed his gratitude to Wizkid for the gift,

saying that he is overwhelmed by the singer’s generosity.

“I am so grateful to Wizkid for this gift,” Hypeman Gee said.

“He is a great person, and I am so honored to be working with him.”

The gift from Wizkid is sure to further boost Hypeman Gee’s profile,

and he is expected to continue to be a major force in the Afrobeats scene for many years to come.
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Why I easily kiss my colleagues passionately on movie set – Sandra Okunzuwa opens up



In a recent interview, Nollywood actress Sandra Okunzuwa revealed why she feels comfortable kissing her colleagues passionately on set.

Okunzuwa explained that as an actress, she understands that kissing scenes

are part of the job and that she needs to be able to do them convincingly

in order to portray her characters authentically.

“I’m an actress, and I know that kissing scenes are part of the job,” Okunzuwa said.

“I need to be able to do them convincingly in order to portray my characters authentically.”

The actress also said that she believes that trust is important when it comes to kissing scenes,

and that she only feels comfortable kissing her colleagues if she trusts them.

“I only feel comfortable kissing my colleagues if I trust them,” Okunzuwa said.

“I need to know that they’re not going to take advantage of the situation.”

Okunzuwa’s comments have sparked a debate online,

with some people agreeing with her assessment and others disagreeing.

Some people believe that Okunzuwa is right to prioritize trust when it comes to kissing scenes,

while others believe that it is unnecessary and that actors should be able to kiss anyone,

regardless of whether they trust them or not.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual actor to decide what they are comfortable with when it comes to kissing scenes.

However, Okunzuwa’s comments do raise an important question about the role of trust in the film industry.

Should actors only be expected to kiss their colleagues if they trust them?

Or is it possible to kiss someone professionally without trusting them?

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