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Flying Eagles Set to Face South Korea in U-20 World Cup Quarter-Finals



Flying Eagles Set to Face South Korea in U-20 World Cup Quarter-Finals

The FIFA U-20 World Cup has been a thrilling showcase of young football talent, and the quarter-final stage is shaping up to be a showdown of epic proportions. One of the standout matches will see Nigeria’s Flying Eagles go head-to-head with South Korea for a coveted spot in the semi-finals.

With both teams displaying exceptional skill and determination in their previous matches, football enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate the outcome of this highly anticipated clash.

Nigeria's U-20 Team Defeat Host, Argentina to Advance to FIFA U-20 World Cup Quarterfinals

South Korea secured their place in the quarter-finals after a pulsating 3-2 victory over Ecuador. Taking an early lead through Lee-Young-Jun’s strike, they doubled their advantage with Bae Jun-Ho’s goal.

Ecuador fought back with a penalty from Justin Cuerto, but Choi Seok-Hyun’s goal restored South Korea’s two-goal cushion. Ecuador managed to score again, setting up a thrilling finale, but South Korea held on to secure their quarter-final berth.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Flying Eagles caused a major upset by defeating the tournament hosts, Argentina, with a resounding 2-0 victory. Their solid defense and clinical finishing left Argentina stunned and set the stage for an exciting encounter against South Korea.

This is not the first time Nigeria and South Korea have met in the U-20 World Cup. The two teams clashed in 2005 during the group stage, with South Korea emerging victorious with a 2-1 win. The Nigerian side, featuring future star Mikel Obi and talented defender Taiye Taiwo, took an early lead but ultimately couldn’t hold off their opponents.

Their paths crossed again in 2013 when Turkey hosted the tournament. This time, it was Nigeria who prevailed, securing a 1-0 victory over South Korea. The Flying Eagles demonstrated their resilience and skill, ultimately advancing to the next stage of the competition.

Nigeria’s Flying Eagles have a notable history in the U-20 World Cup, finishing as runners-up twice, in 1989 and 2005. However, they are hungry for their first championship title and will be determined to add another victory to their campaign.

South Korea, although they have reached the final once in 2019, fell short to Poland in a 3-1 defeat. Both teams have a lot at stake in this clash, making it a thrilling contest to watch.

The stage is set for an enthralling encounter between these two talented sides. Fans can expect a display of skill, teamwork, and fierce competition as Nigeria and South Korea vie for a spot in the semi-finals. The Estadio Único Madre de Ciudades in Santiago Del Estero will bear witness to this exciting match, scheduled for 6 pm on Sunday.

As the FIFA U-20 World Cup quarter-finals approach, the clash between Nigeria’s Flying Eagles and South Korea promises to be a captivating battle. With their respective strengths, past encounters, and aspirations for victory, both teams are prepared to leave everything on the field. Football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await this exciting showdown, as the young talents aim to create history and secure their place in the semi-finals of the tournament.

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“I’m looking for like 2 to 3 boyfriends” – Asisat Oshoala enters dating market, shares criteria



Nigerian footballer Asisat Oshoala has revealed that she is looking for a partner and has shared her criteria for potential suitors.

The 28-year-old, who currently plays for Barcelona Femení,

said that she is looking for someone who is “intelligent, ambitious, and supportive.”

“I’m looking for someone who can match my energy and my drive,” she said.

“Someone who is not afraid to dream big and who is always willing to push me to be my best.”

Oshoala also said that she is looking for someone who is understanding

of her demanding lifestyle as a professional athlete.

“I travel a lot and I have a very busy schedule,” she said.

“So I need someone who is understanding of that and who is willing to be patient.”

The Barcelona star said that she is open to dating people from all over the world,

but she does have a preference for Nigerian men.

“I love Nigerian men,” she said. “They are so confident and charming.”

Oshoala’s revelation has sparked a lot of interest from potential suitors,

who have been taking to social media to express their admiration for the footballer.

“I’m shooting my shot,” one man wrote on Twitter. “Asisat Oshoala is the woman of my dreams.”

“I’m definitely putting my name in the hat,” another man wrote.

“I’m everything Asisat is looking for and more.”

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I want to be like Harry Maguire – Super Eagles defender Calvin Bassey



I want to be like Harry Maguire - Super Eagles defender Calvin Bassey

Super Eagles defender Calvin Bassey has opened up on his admiration for Manchester United captain Harry Maguire.

Bassey, who came through the Leicester City academy with Maguire, has revealed that he always looked up to the England international and saw him as a reference point for his career growth.

Maguire was excellent at Leicester before earning himself a lucrative move to Old Trafford in 2018, breaking the world transfer record for a defender.

I want to be like Harry Maguire - Super Eagles defender Calvin Bassey

Speaking after Fulham’s 1-0 defeat to Manchester United last weekend, Bassey had nothing but praise for Maguire.

“At the time I was coming through the ranks and he was one of the players I looked up to and still do,” Bassey said.

“Now that I’m playing on the opposite side, he plays on the opposite side, just giving me some advice like any top player would.

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“He is an inspiration to me, was incredible at Leicester and still is. To do what he did for Leicester was amazing.”

Bassey never made a senior appearance for Leicester, but went on to excel for Rangers and Ajax before moving to Fulham over the summer.

It is clear that Bassey has a lot of respect for Maguire, and it is encouraging to see that the two defenders have a good relationship. It is also interesting to hear that Maguire is giving Bassey advice, which suggests that he sees the potential in the young Nigerian defender.

Bassey is a talented player with a bright future ahead of him, and it will be interesting to see how he develops under the guidance of Maguire.

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Super Falcons star, Michelle Alozie under fire for chucking flowers she accepted from a suitor into a bin



Super Falcons star Michelle Alozie is under fire for throwing flowers she received from an admirer into a bin.

She posted a video of herself doing so on her Instagram account, with the caption “Welp, God said once but not twice.”

The video has sparked a lot of controversy, with some people praising Alozie for standing up

for herself and others criticizing her for being rude and ungrateful.

Those who support Alozie argue that she has every right to reject unwanted attention, and

that she should not be forced to accept gifts from people she does not want to.

They also point out that Alozie is a professional athlete, and that she is entitled to her privacy.

Those who criticize Alozie argue that she could have handled the situation more gracefully.

They point out that the man who gave her the flowers was clearly trying to be kind,

and that she could have simply declined the gift politely.

They also argue that Alozie’s actions are a reflection of her character,

and that she should be more mindful of how she represents herself as a public figure.

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, it is clear that Alozie’s video has sparked a conversation

about the importance of respecting women’s boundaries.

It is also a reminder that even professional athletes are entitled to their privacy.

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