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“cry till their kingdom comes” Davido responds to critic who questioned his uncle’s role as Osun State governor



Davido has recently responded to critics who questioned the effectiveness of his uncle’s role as the governor of Osun State.

The exchange came after a Twitter user shared a lengthy post on Instagram

expressing concerns about the Osun State government’s performance.

The critic pointed out that the government had made bold promises during its campaign,

particularly the commitment to pay off the state’s debts within a few months.

However, in reality, the state’s debt situation had not improved, leaving the public frustrated. Moreover,

there was a notable lack of transparency regarding the allocation of funds.

The critic also highlighted the discontinuation of the OYES scheme,

which had previously provided jobs and livelihoods to many Osun State residents.

The cessation of this program had led to increased unemployment in the state,

further fueling dissatisfaction.

In response to these criticisms, Davido opted for a more dismissive tone.

He essentially told the critic to “cry till their kingdom comes” and

cheekily suggested that his uncle would remain in office until 2031.

This response, marked by a laughing emoji,

did not sit well with many onlookers who felt the critic’s concerns deserved a more serious response.

The exchange took place amid ongoing discussions about governance in Osun State,

with various voices expressing their opinions on the subject. In a separate incident,

Daniel Rega criticized popular musician Davido for his stance on Osun State governance.

Rega implied that Davido’s public statements about good governance may not be entirely sincere and

accused him of acting as though his family had entitlement over the state.

This exchange highlights the importance of open and honest dialogue about governance.

When citizens raise concerns about the performance of their elected officials,

it is important to take those concerns seriously and

address them in a transparent and accountable manner.

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“Twitter is not for the faint hearted. LMAO.” – Cuppy responds as troll scorns her for not having a man of her own despite fame



Billionaire heiress, Cuppy responds as netizens blasts her for not having a man of her own despite being the most followed woman on Twitter NG.

The disc jockey took to to social media page to share the quadrennial

Twitter NG statistics on the most followed personalities in Nigeria. DJ Cuppy.

The data showed Cuppy to be the most followed Nigerian woman,

with Tiwa Savage coming a close second.

While some folks congratulated her for this achievement,

some threw jibes at her inability to keep a man.

One netizen, @Izy_BodyFitness said … “Having 6.23 million followers and not having a man is crazy”.

The troll’s remark appears to have stood out among other comments for the billionaire heiress.

She reposted it on her Instagram page and bemaoned the lack of empathy on the Twitter space.

Cuppy laughed at the joke and noted that the platform isn’t for the emotionally weak.

Her words … “Twitter is not for the faint hearted. LMAO.”

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“Some goodbyes set you free” – Jada P writes as Wizkid hangs out with Tiwa Savage



popular singer, Wizkid’s baby mama, Jada P speaks on goodbyes after the musician was seen hanging out

and having fun with the Afrobeats queen, Tiwa Savage at a party in Lagos.

The Grammy award-winning singer has been making the rounds on social media

after he was seen having a swell time with his colleague, Tiwa Savage,

and many netizens gushed over their beautiful friendship. Jada

However, amid the trend, Jada P took to her Twitter page to

speak on goodbyes and problems which never last forever.

Some netizens have suggested that she’s making reference to the trending videos.

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Why Genevieve Nnaji towed away from me and others – Kate Henshaw



Nollywood icon, Kate Henshaw gives details of her recent reconnection with her former colleague, Genevieve Nnaji,

shedding light on the reason she towed away from everyone.

She made this known during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo

when questioned about the status of her longstanding friendship with Genevieve Nnaji.

In her response, Kate Henshaw acknowledged that she and

Genevieve had experienced minor differences in recent years.

However, she specifically emphasized her primary concern,

which revolved around Genevieve’s tendency to distance herself from her and their mutual colleagues.

Kate further revealed that the rekindling of their connection occurred on the set of a Netflix

production while describing Genevieve as approachable and welcoming,

marking a positive shift after years of being apart.

Kate concluded by likening her to the Nollywood equivalent of Angelina Jolie,

an American actor who, like Genevieve,

tends to navigate the industry independently and avoid attachment to people.

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